Nel mondo di Fellini. Franco Pinna fotografo di set

In the World of Fellini. Franco Pinna - A set photographer

The exhibition at the Contemporary Art Pavilion (PAC) features over 140 photographs, posters, magazines, photo books, drawings and other period materials from the Franco Pinna Archive in Rome.
In addition to providing scientific guidance, the Franco Pinna Archive in Rome is also responsible for the exhibition project designed specifically for the PAC. 

In terms of the Fellini sets, Franco Pinna (1925-1978), one of the greatest Italian photographers of the second half of the twentieth century, was probably an unparalleled witness in terms of images. “With Pinna”, Fellini declared in 1988, “I was sure that I would have the most accurate and faithful documentation of what I was doing, [...] a faithful and personal witness at the same time of what the environment of a set is, the reality of cinema in its making.”

The main route of the exhibition is arranged by film, with a specific section on the director next to it and a short anthology on Pinna’s work that falls outside Fellini’s world. Among the materials on display, some of which are very well known (for example the series with Fellini made up as a clown, 1970), others that are little known or unpublished and some curiosities such as Fellini's two photographic directions, the first for a special issue of “Vogue” magazine (“Vogue Fellini”, 1972), the second an Erotic Fantasy, requested at the same time from other established directors, which was published in 1978 in the international edition of Playboy. 

Fellini's drawings shouldn’t be missed, one of which is somewhat scurrilous according to the most authentic taste of the author, and is dedicated to Pinna. The exhibition also includes an audio-visual with period excerpts showing the photographer in action shadowing the director, as well as special photo projections on the film "Rome".

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