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A beach of pure energy

Between the waves and dunes

The beaches of Romagna are a natural gym, ideal for staying in shape, having fun and recharging your batteries. Sand is the realm of the beach version of many sports - volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, frisbee… there’s only one rule, having fun together! And then there’s the sea, for water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing and paddle boarding; riding the powerful waves is a thrill a minute. 

And then, how can we forget, the pedaloes and small rowing catamarans, known locally as mosconi! They are the enduring symbols of summer on the beach and still part of the collective imagination for holidays on the Riviera - they are, to all intents and purposes, part of the cultural heritage and identity of Romagna. Always present on the seashore, in the foreground of numerous photographs and period postcards, they still remain the undisputed stars of summertime fun. They are pieces of history that trace the profile of a population linked to the sea and dedicated to having fun. 

And after sport, some good old Romagna-style fun! Enjoy music on the beach, by the seashore, from the first rays of the morning sun through to evening, as time passes by unnoticed. Dance with your feet in the sand, sipping a drink with friends, singing at the top of your voice until dawn, knowing the day ahead will offer new and intense emotions. 

And then, unique and unforgettable experiences like concerts at dawn, as the early morning sun welcomes the new day, or a sophisticated aperitif at dusk. Sounds and melodies that echo over the sea, where the sense of freedom and carefreeness that accompanies life in Romagna is alive and well. 

Last update 29/09/2021