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A nest for families on the coast

Our child-friendly beaches


We take fun seriously in Romagna: beaches with superb facilities, toys and games that fill the large cabins with colour, lifeguards always ready to watch over the safety of bathers. A concentration of energy and serenity, as the sky reflects in the sea and each new day is a day to remember. Our beaches are accessible to everyone and even our four-legged friends can run around in areas specially designed for them. Our beaches are also environmentally-friendly and kids can have fun building sandcastles and diving safely into the sea. In Romagna, fun never ends! Near the coast, there’s always an amusement park waiting to be discovered. 

Running around freely and diving into the sea, shrieking with joy, children are always the centre of attention on the beaches of Romagna! In fact, each year, our youngest visitors can enjoy unique experiences on the beaches of the Riviera, where the focus has always been on two key words - Safety and Serenity. Every beach establishment has a games area or playground, with baby-sitting and entertainment services available

So, we’ve always had families with young children at heart. What’s more, our beaches also boast a Green Flag, awarded by a team of Italian paediatricians to the beaches that are safest and most child-friendly. As well as checking environmental quality and water quality, the award also assesses the presence of fine sand, the amount of space available for children to play between sun umbrellas, the shallowness of the sea, the presence of beach assistants and facilities for children and the entertainment opportunities for their parents.

Because a safe holiday, is a serene holiday!

Last update 24/09/2021