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Musical Instruments in Romagna

Find out where the music takes shape

Music has always represented an extremely important aspect of life in Romagna.
It was here, as a part of Romagna’s long tradition of dance, that Liscio was born, one of the most famous styles of folk music in the world.
And it was here, too, that great stars of international rock and pop, like Laura Pausini, were born.

It is difficult to find a more musically fertile land than this, composed of a rich artistic heritage but, above all, of traditions like the art of making musical instruments, a craft that has survived right to the modern day.

The ancient art of the luthier in Ferrara

A tradition born at the time of the Este court (mid-sixteenth century) and that continues to this day. Ferrara boasts a number of important workshops specialised in the restoration of antique instruments and in the production of organs, double basses and mandolins.

Last update 04/10/2021