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The origins of Italian cuisine: Pellegrino Artusi

Forlimpopoli, Casa Artusi, manuale

Forlimpopoli, the cradle of Italian cuisine, the birthplace of Pellegrino Artusi, gourmet, writer and literary critic, author of “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well”, the book that in 1891 was a real watershed in the gastronomic culture of the era. A mosaic of regional traditions that Pellegrino Artusi was able to promote as national gastronomic tradition: the father of Italian cuisine just had to have Romagna blood coursing through his veins!

Artusi’s cultural and gastronomic heritage embraces the whole of Romagna. One particular example is Casa Artusi, the centre for gastronomic culture dedicated to Italian home cooking. Our culinary tradition consists above all in training and the noble art of cookery is now, more than ever, one of our excellences thanks to numerous award winning chefs that prepare dishes with great skill and passion.

Everywhere you go in Romagna you will find show cooking events, cookery workshops and culinary entertainment: the flavours of the land and sea, skilfully prepared by our award-winning chefs, whilst farmers and wine producers propose their choice produce to all those who would never forego delightful flavour experiences. 

To name just one, Al Mèni, is Romagna’s quintessential gastronomic event; set up thanks to chef Massimo Bottura, it combines the best of Italian culinary tradition with food sampling and unforgettable flavours.


Last update 03/10/2021
Forlimpopoli, Casa Artusi, grembiuli