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Fun, adventurous and unforgettable: in Riccione, you can take a journey to discover the world through the four elements of nature

Located on the hills behind Riccione, Oltremare is a fascinating theme park where nature, especially the underwater natural world, knowledge of the world and adventure welcome the smiles and curiosity of adults and children with open arms.

Spread out over 110,000 square metres, with spaces dedicated to the elements and evolution, there are many attractions and shows that give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the natural world by showcasing the environmental projects that help conserve and protect wildlife and nature on a daily basis.

There is the Dolphin Lagoon, the largest and most beautiful in Europe – a faithful reconstruction of a rocky inlet in the Adriatic Sea – where you can meet these cute marine mammals together with their trainers, and take a look at their world made up of jumps, splashes, sounds and interactions.

There is the free world of birds of prey or the world of free-flying multicoloured parrots, farm animals, the ecosystem of the Po Delta, alligators, seahorses and wallabies, the cute Australian kangaroos ready to steal the hearts of visitors young and old.

If you want to know more about the world and its evolution, especially about its inhabitants, Pianeta Terra [Planet Earth] and Pianeta Mare [Planet Sea] are two itineraries that absolutely should not be missed, perhaps accompanied by a guide from the park. And then there are the many educational options that Oltremare offers its visitors on a daily basis thanks to a jam-packed schedule of shows, workshops and interactive events, which are also designed for school trips.


Last update 04/07/2024