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The Cycle Paths of Romagna

Touring by bike to discover the natural, environmental, historical and architectural beauties of Romagna

Cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts will be happy to know that there are several cycle paths within the parks and nature reserves of Romagna. Just hop on a mountain bike, an e-bike or, in some cases, a normal bike, and you are immediately ready to venture along the paths that wind through the stunning greenery of Romagna’s natural landscape.

The tracks have different degrees of difficulty and can be cycled in 1-day or ½-day stages.

To choose the one that best suits your needs, just look at the online information relating to each cycle path, which includes everything from the length of the trail, the gradient, degree of difficulty, travel time, the main destinations of cultural and historical interest to see en route and a series of useful contact details to have at hand during the journey. Not to mention a downloadable map with GPS directions.

Of all the cycle routes in Romagna, we would like to recall the Gypsum Vein Cycle Path in the splendid Romagna Gypsum Vein Regional Park, Dante’s Cycle Route, which follows in the footsteps of the father of the Italian language and Via Romagna Route, a permanent, 462 km-long cycle itinerary that crosses Romagna from north to south, from Comacchio to San Giovanni Marignano.

Last update 04/10/2021