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Terme di Castrocaro

A rationalist-style spa complex, just a stone’s throw from Forlì

Castrocaro Terme (FC), Grand Hotel Terme di Castrocaro

Set in the Forlì hills, the Castrocaro spa facility is a complex of buildings that has been providing wellness treatments for the body since 1938.

Castrocaro Terme's sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich sulphur waters were first discovered in 1830, but it wasn’t until the twentieth century that they were used consistently in thermal water treatments.  

The heart of this spa complex is the Grand Hotel Terme di Castrocaro, built in the classic rationalist-style architecture of the 1930s, characterised by simple, minimal forms and shapes and a strong focus on ensuring the maximum functionality of the space.

Open all year round, the complex also has two other wings: the Padiglione delle Feste, a masterpiece of Liberty-style architecture, and the Long Life Clinic, offering beauty and fitness treatments as well as specialist appointments and thermal water treatments.

Thermal waters

The sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich sulphur waters at the Terme di Castrocaro, which are also known as the ‘green waters of Castrocaro’ owing to their characteristic hue, are particularly suited for therapeutic purposes to treat respiratory, rheumatic, vascular and gynaecological conditions.

Besides the thermal water treatments, including inhalations, mineral water and gynaecological treatments, the centre also offers mud baths to leave skin feeling velvety soft. The extraction and processing of clay is a century-old tradition in Castrocaro.

The spa

The spa facility offers guests a myriad of wellness services, spanning body, facial and hair treatments, massages, fitness sessions and the Percorso Magico Benessere experience: a regenerative health journey to restore the body's balance, transporting you far away from the stresses of daily life.

This experience comprises a sauna, steam bath, saltwater pool with sounds played underwater and of course thermal pools.

The massages range from the muscle relaxation massage, the pre and post-sport massage, and the Lomi-Lomi massage − a Hawaiian massage that deeply tones and firms the body using pressure applied by the hands and forearms.


Last update 04/10/2021