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Romagna’s ‘Gusto’ museums

A journey around the museums that honour Romagna’s PDO and PGI products, and much more

Each speciality has a story to tell, the story of a tradition made up of ancient know-how and cutting-edge techniques, with the community in which these emerged as its beating heart. This is the idea behind Romagna’s 'Gusto’ [Taste] Museums, which comprise 8 venues which bear witness to the extraordinary wealth of food and wine that Romagna has to offer.

From Cervia’s salt to Comacchio's Eel, from Brisighella's oil to Fossa cheese, no matter which of the taste museums you visit, you will leave having discovered a little something of Romagna’s specialities, prized the world over.


Romagna’s 'Gusto’ [Taste] Museums

  • “Mulino sul Po” Bread Museum | Golenale area, Ro (FE)
  • Eeel Museum | Comacchio (FE)
  • A. Bonvicini Fruit Growing Museum | Massa Lombarda (RA)
  • Herbs Garden | Casola Valsenio (RA)
  • Olive Oil open-air Museum | Brisighella (RA)
  • Salt Museum | Cervia (RA)
  • Casa Artusi | Forlimpopoli (FC)
  • Fossa Cheese Museum “Pellegrini” | Sogliano al Rubicone (FC)
Last update 03/10/2021