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Coast to coast

From Leonardo’s harbour in Cesenatico to Michelangelo’s marble quarries

Itinerary: Cesenatico (0 km), Cesena (17 km), Predappio (60 km), San Benedetto in Alpe (102 km), Marradi (128 km), Scarperia (174 km), Castiglione dei Pepoli (221), Porretta Terme (260 km), Sestola (304 km), Passo delle Radici (350 km), Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (371 km), Massa (433 km), (Carrara (443 km), Cava dei Fantiscritti (462 km) 


Duration: 72 hours
Total distance: 462 km
Difficulty: easy
When: from mid-April to the end of October 
Motorbike: any 



A journey that, following the valleys and crests of the Apennines, takes us from the beaches of Romagna to those of the Versilia. We begin in Cesenatico, with the lugsails of the Maritime Museum opening along the canal harbour designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Cesena, home of Domenico Malatesta Novello, whose legacy is the Malatesta Library, a UNESCO world heritage site, is nearby. It is from there that we begin to climb back up the valleys and rivers towards the biker’s cult passes between Tuscany and Romagna. 

Then on through Meldola and Predappio, before reaching San Benedetto in Alpe and heading through Casentino Forests National Park to Marradi. Then, after the never-ending bends of Colla di Casaglia Pass, we reach one of the temples of Italian motor sports, Mugello Circuit in Scarperia. Then Castiglione dei Pepoli, Suviana with its lake and Porretta Terme, one long bend, a joy that extends along the entire Apennine ridge. 

To reach the foot of Mount Cimone, we pass through forgotten villages and enchanted parks as far as Sestola ready, after crossing Radici Pass, to descend into the Garfagnana. Beyond Massa, we reach the splendid white marble of the Apuan Alps that jut out into the blue sea; it was in these quarries that Michelangelo found the marble that lives on forever in his art.



Last update 06/10/2021