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Discovering the Marecchia Valley by motorbike

Along the valley of art and poetry

Itinerary: Rimini (0), Santarcangelo (10 km), Torriana (24 km), Verucchio (32 km), San Leo (50 km), Perticara (71 km), Pennabilli (92 km), Passo di Viamaggio (127 km), Sansepolcro (147 km), Arezzo (181 km), Monterchi (km 207 km), Bocca Trabaria (235 km), Sant’Angelo in Vado (260 km), Urbania (270 km), Urbino (292 km), Auditore (310 km), Montealtavelio (318 km), Montescudo (332 km), Rimini (354 km)


Duration: 72 hours
Lenght: km 354
Difficulty: easy
When to leave: from April to October
Motorcycle: all the types



Our journey begins in Rimini, which owes its history and its name to the river. It begins at the Malatesta Temple, where an extraordinarily beautiful fresco - Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta Praying in Front of St Sigismund - is the only evidence of the presence of Piero della Francesca at the court of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. 

By following the course of the river upstream, we begin to climb the Marecchia Valley along which the artist from Sansepolcro travelled to arrive here. It’s a valley dotted with fortresses, villages and castles; from Santarcangelo to Verucchio, to the magnificent fortress of San Leo which, from up high and with the wonderful appearance afforded it by the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, continues to watch over the gateway linking Rimini to Arezzo, the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A journey to discover natural beauty that continues to Viamaggio Pass, a cult destination for all motorcyclists. These are the same roads that from the mid-fifteenth century saw Piero della Francesca, one of the greatest Italian artists of the early Renaissance, roaming from court to court, crossing the same landscapes that inspired him. At the end of the descent that leads towards Tuscany is Piero della Francesca’s Sansepolcro and further ahead, Arezzo and the small village of Monterchi, with its Madonna del Parto (Pregnant Madonna). Bocca Trabaria welcomes motorcyclists with its bends, at the end of which, following the meandering Metauro River, is Urbino, where Piero della Francesca created some extraordinary pieces at the court of Federico da Montefeltro. 

Crossing magical ancestral landscapes, like Mount Altavelio, leads us back to our departure point - Rimini and all its years of history.



Last update 06/10/2021