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The 5 Mountain Passes in Romagna

Itinerary: Forlì (0 km), Meldola (18 km), Predappio (37 km), Premilcuore (63 km), Bocconi 76( km), Passo del Muraglione (97 km), Corniolo (166 km), Passo della Calla (179 km), Pratovecchio (197 km), Eremo di Camaldoli (215 km), Passo dei Fangacci (222 km), Passo dei Mandrioli (231 km), Bagno di Romagna (247 km), Balze (272 km), Passo di Viamaggio (292 km), Badia Tedalda (304 km)


Duration: 48 hours
Total distance: km 304
Difficulty: easy
When: from April to October
Motorcycle: any




Our journey to discover the charm of the Apennines of Romagna begins here, at the foot of what remains of Porta Schiavonia, the last of the gates in the city walls that give access to the Forlì which stands along Via Emilia not a short distance from the Montone river. A territory that seems designed especially for motorcycles, where its passes that separate Romagna and Tuscany are an irresistible attraction not only for the pleasure of driving them but, besides that, for the beauty that rivers and waterfalls, hamlets and castles can provide. We start from the castle of Meldola to go up passing by Rocca delle Camminate and Predappio with its rationalist charm to Premilcuore. It is a small, recently reopened road that takes us to Bocconi and then again climbs up towards the Muraglione Pass, which takes its name from the wall that has sheltered passers-by since the mid-1800s. 


Then we descend towards Passo dei Tre Faggi (Pass of the Three Beech-trees) to arrive, after taking the valley road for Fiumicello, at the beautiful hamlet of Corniolo. It's time to go uphill and reach Campigna following one after the other of the breathtaking hairpin bends immersed in the marvel of the Casentino forests on up to Della Calla Pass at an altitude of 1296 meters. A rapid descent towards Stia and then up again into the heart of the Casentino towards the magnificent Hermitage of Camaldoli and the silver fir forest that surrounds it. Fangacci Pass, where the road becomes a dirt road, is magical, just as picturesque as Mandrioli Pass where it is possible to be moved by the spectacle of the "Scalacce", a large prehistoric sandwich made up of slices of marl and sandstone settled on an ancient marine seabed which, emerging, formed the Apennines. 


Bagno di Romagna is the right stop if you want to restore body (in its spas) and spirit (in one of its restaurants, before continuing on towards Balze crossing the spectacular ravines carved out of the malmstone of Verghereto. Not far away now - just about twenty km - and we come to the last of the five stages that have marked our journey with their beauty and hairpin bends, Viamaggio Pass, where real history and the history of motors are as unique as is the pleasure of traveling among these places.




Last update 23/01/2023