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Air sports

A good helping of courage and a touch of madness to marvel at the beauty of Romagna from the skies

Imagine yourself floating freely through the air, observing the rich variety of landscapes below, from the greens of the Apennine mountains to the blues of the Adriatic Sea. 

Sky Diving

In Romagna, you’ll find areas specially equipped for sky diving called Drop Zones (Ferrara Airport, Ravenna Airport). You can either skydive in tandem with a certified instructor or take an Accelerated Free Fall course to skydive alone.

Hot Air Balloons

Soar up to 600 m above ground and touch the sky. When visiting Romagna, you’ll find many places to give this thrilling experience a try. Forlì host one of Italy’s most important hot air ballooning festivals: the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

For those of you who are intrigued by the idea of air sport but still get a chill up your spine at the mention of it, you can always lose yourself in the fun, colourful world of kites. Every spring, participants from all over the world gather on the beaches of Cervia to celebrate the Artevento - International Kite Festival.

Last update 30/07/2021