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The temples of football in Romagna

Travel around Romagna to discover the sports facilities that have helped shape the history of football

There are those who visit a city for its artistic and monumental treasures and those who prefer the cafés and bars, the shopping streets or the dynamic social life of the historic centre. However, there is an increasing number of tourists who choose to visit a city because it has an important stadium, the theatre of memorable sporting events.

These are the many passionate football fans who make sure they know where the stadiums are and how to reach them.

In Romagna, there are a number of the sports facilities that have helped write the history book of Italian football. Naturally, they do not have the fame and glory of buildings such as the Meazza Stadium in Milan, the Olympic Stadium in Rome  or the San Paolo Stadium in Naples, yet they have had a significant impact on the events and history of this national sport.

In Ferrara, we find the Paolo Mazza Stadium, the fifth oldest of its kind in Italy. Laid out in a typically English design, it has a very old history that goes back to the early years of Fascism. Today, it is the stronghold for fans of Spal (Ars et Labor Sports Club), Ferrara’s local football team.

And let us not forget the Dino Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena and the Bruno Benelli Stadium in Ravenna.

Last update 29/07/2021