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Moments of relaxation and well-being

The Riviera of Romagna offers lots of opportunities, in the spirit of wellness and fun

What could be better than a regenerating wake-up in the early morning light, with your feet on the sand? Dawn on the Riviera of Romagna rewards early risers with magical atmospheres and the mild and soothing climate is ideal for a burst of positive energy to start the day in the best way possible! 

The long, sandy coast is the ideal place for relaxing and the Riviera of Romagna offers lots of opportunities, in the spirit of wellness and fun: yoga lessons at dawn, Pilates, stretching, muscle-toning and postural exercises, running and Nordic Walking on the sand, heading out from dawn until dusk for SUP, with tasty breakfasts and aperitifs. 

And moments of pure pleasure continue thanks to large whirlpool tubs and wellness treatments at local spas, for a totally relaxing holiday!




A number of independent and organised groups meet up on the beach at dawn and go running, walking or perhaps, even Nordic Walking. On the beach, this latter sport has become particularly popular in recent years, mainly because it offers great health benefits and is ideal for all ages! Instructors and personal trainers offer their know-how and take out small groups of participants to exercise in the most pleasant hours of the day, like the cool, early hours of the morning! 



For fitter and more resistant sports lovers, a morning run is a must! The beaches of the Riviera offer the perfect backdrop for training safely, running along shorter or longer stretches of a linear coast free from obstacles. Furthermore, during the summer season, the coastal municipalities and some of the territory’s many associations organise runs and races for amateurs and professionals, as well as charity events. Whether you aim is winning or just taking part, running is always a good reason to spend time together!



The day gets off to a great start if you greet the rising sun with a joyful salute! Saluting the sun is the first and best-known yoga position at dawn and really prepares the soul for the new day ahead! All you need is a simple mat or towel to spread on the warm morning sand and you can enjoy yoga, postural exercises, stretching or many other holistic disciplines, under the guidance of experienced instructors! So… “Namaste”, let’s begin!



On the seashore, sweet musical notes float on the morning air thanks to small groups, concerts or dance meetings organised by the coastal municipalities or the beach establishments and hotels. In Romagna, thanks to its sweet melodies, ballroom dancing is especially suited to greeting the new day with a romantic and relaxed soul. Sit at a beach bar with a coffee and pastry, open your ears and there you have it… music to accompany the new day!


Last update 06/10/2021