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PDO Squacquerone di Romagna

The king of all cheeses in Romagna cuisine

Affording a soft, supple texture with no rind and a mother-of-pearl hue, PDO Squacquerone di Romagna cheese is made in the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini, Bologna and in part of Ferrara.

Traditionally served as a filling for the famous Romagna piadina [link interno], this is a delicious, spreadable cheese with a sweet, mild and slightly acidic flavour that takes the shape of whatever it is wrapped in owing to its characteristic texture.

According to tradition, the origins of this cheese are said to be attributed to Roman times, although the first certain, documented evidence only dates back to the end of the 1800s, in a message sent from Cardinal Bellisomi - bishop of Cesena - in which he asks for an explanation of an item of squacquerone cheese from Romagna.

Crowned as a Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Protected Designation of Origin) product, this cheese is made exclusively with full-fat cow's milk, with the addition of probiotics, natural whey, curd and salt. It only takes a few steps to make this wholesome, soft cheese, which should be kept in the fridge and consumed within a few days of opening (up to three to four days).

In cuisine

Whilst at one time, peasant families would serve this soft cheese with cabbage and piadina flatbread in the winter months, it can now be found at the tables of some of the finest restaurants. A classic way to enjoy squacquerone is paired with rocket leaves inside a piadina. It goes equally well with honey, preserves and caramelised figs, and can also go in a filling for fresh stuffed pasta or as an ingredient in pasta dishes and desserts.


Last update 09/04/2024