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Romagna on a plate

Traditional recipes that let you take a piece of Romagna with you wherever you go

There’s no better way to discover a territory than through its cuisine and dishes and the culinary traditions of Romagna are living proof of that. 

To all intents and purposes, Romagna can be described as the land of good food lovers! Thanks to its variety of recipes and dishes, handed down from ancient culinary traditions, it can satisfy any palate. The Riviera boasts genuine products from the sea and land: fresh fish and shellfish, premium wines and delicious meat, as well as dried and filled pasta in a variety of shapes. An offer that spans 360 degrees, created by the skilful hands of local housewives - the famous azdore or sfogline, icons of local cuisine. 

There are everyday dishes, traditional dishes and celebration dishes, served when people sit around the table to celebrate the joy of spending time together. 

Fresh egg pasta always makes up the lion’s share: sometimes filled, sometimes not, it is rigorously prepared using a rolling pin, as it always has been. Famous for its many varieties, creative names and endless different shapes, fresh pasta is a true culinary heritage; who’s never heard of tagliatelle, lasagne, tortelli, cappellacci, passatelli and anolini

It all begins with “getting your hands dirty”, kneading together simple and wholesome ingredients - good handful of flour and fresh eggs. That’s how pasta, our regional pride and joy, is made. Preparing it is a real art form, handed down from generation to generation by the iconic azdore or sfogline - the experienced housewives who are skilled in rolling out the “spòja” (dough) and creating masterpieces using just “e su sciaddur” (a rolling pin). 

Then there’s pork, the king of the table, a must-have of regional cuisine that appears in almost all its recipes, even in bread dough, like piadina for example, the traditional bread of Romagna. Each territory has very precise culinary characteristics and is able to offer incredible taste experiences. 

If you want to have some of this magic with you at all times, there are so many recipes from our land we’ve decided to share with you. Collected over time, thanks to local people who have decided, in turn, to give them to you; all of them are ready to use, to offer you family and friends a fragment of the soul of our beloved Romagna.

Traditional recipes

Last update 09/04/2024