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Flavours of Romagna, sample one of the world’s most delicious cuisines

Land and sea, tradition and innovation; in Romagna, food means friendship and fun. 

What better place to discover and share the culture of a territory than at the table? Regional cuisine is able to narrate the memory of a people through their food and wine traditions and expressions. Therefore, from the coast to the inland areas, Romagna offers a rich and deliciously varied menu. 

Piadina, also known as pida or piada depending on the area (or piê, pièda, pìda, pjida in dialect), is the cornerstone of traditional local cuisine. The recipe has ancient origins and can be traced back to the Etruscans, the first to make a dough, using flour and fats, that could replace bread. 

Tables in Romagna are always laden with wholesome products from the land and sea. The sea can be savoured in all its culinary forms, cappelletti and passatelli are an innate passion, as is soft squacquerone cheese, accompanied by robust, but smooth wines. In summer, a magical moment is sunset on the seashore where, in the company of friends, you can enjoy hot grilled sardines wrapped in greaseproof paper. Every day in Romagna is the start of a journey of flavours and fragrances that live long in the memory and here, “territory and cuisine go arm in arm with the most talented and illustrious chefs”. 

That’s how the Romagna Osteria project began; it’s a journey of the senses of an inn suspended on a hilltop, in a wood, in a port, in a museum or an ancient parish church, along a canal or in a square, in the territory’s most beautiful, worthy, protected, hidden and silent landscapes. In this way, our chefs can take their “expertise and flavours” around Romagna, narrating our land through delicious gastronomic experiences, in unusual and charming places. 


The sea on the table

The sea provides, it is generous and the Adriatic never ceases to surprise us with its excellent oily fish, the star of many of Romagna’s fish dishes. Grilled, fried, in risottos or soups, we love to enjoy it in all its many facets! 

Some run along the beach, some enjoy the charming sunset, others simply listen to the sound of the sea: the coast of Romagna is always ready to share its precious fruits with everyone. The strong flavour of Cervia mussels, piping-hot risotto with Goro clams, strozzapreti pasta with mantis shrimp… in this huge
and varied restaurant, the sea is the key player. 

From the Sargasso Sea, after a journey that can last years, eels are drawn to the Valleys of Comacchio in late winter or spring. A cyclic migration that has been repeated for thousands of years and that has led the inhabitants of the valleys to invent simple but effective traps to dam them in when they have reached maturity and they are extremely flavoursome. This should suffice to imagine their strong and intense flavour, but it is in soups or marinated that they really excite those who decide to try them at least once in their lifetime.

Add a place at the table

Food means company and in Romagna there is always a place at the table. The fragrances of the sea and the countryside would be simple dishes to enjoy if we were not in such great company. It is a knowing smile, a sincere embrace that makes them a unique and unforgettable experience, thanks also to awardwinning chefs and experienced local women or adzore. 

In Romagna it is easy to find yourself eating in company: a slap on the shoulder, a cheery greeting, the invitation to join the table as piadina gets passed from hand to hand. From the sea to the mountains, discovering villages, hills and forgotten landscapes, events like Romagna Osteria become a veritable journey of the senses, where the skills of our chefs combine with the surrounding nature and environment. 

From international fairs, to traditional village food festivals, from dinners served in vineyards to show cooking events featuring award-winning chefs, our best flavour moments always come to life away from restaurants, on the street and squares, where we come together to warmly toast each other and share the flavours of our land under a sky filled with a thousand stars.



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